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    I found this adorable IKEA hack one afternoon on a blog called Milk and Mascara when I was endlessly searching for a way to make my daughter's boring white IKEA table cute and fun.  I totally "copycatted" this hack (with a few changes) but it is such an easy DIY and so stinking cute - everyone needs to see it. 

    IKEA LATT kids table and chairs

    2 cans of spray paint - I used Valspar Mirage, but use any color you want.

    1 sheet of gift wrap - I used Rifle Paper Co.'s Mint Floral Wrap - but you could use any gift wrap!! We have this incredible metallic aztec design gift wrap in the shop that would be perfect for boys or girls!

    1 sheet of 18 x 24 acrylic  .080 thickness cut down to 23 3/8″ by 17 3/8″ (Lowes has it for about 10 bucks and they will cut it for free to the exact size)



    1. Paint all of the pieces of your IKEA table being careful not to get goopy inside the holes for pegs and screws.  The original hack used paint and paintbrush.  I thought it would be easier and faster for me to just spray paint, but use whatever method you'd like.

    2. Paint a couple coats and make sure to let it dry in between sprays!


    3. Put the table together according to the IKEA instructions.  Good Luck! Although, this one isn't that difficult compared to some of the other IKEA furniture I've seen. (Don't mind the paint spot on the white. I actually took my daughter's table apart after using it for about a year - so your table doesn't have to be new)

    4. Place your sheet of gift wrap under your acrylic sheet and trace the edges. 

    5. Trim off the edges of the gift wrap. Now your gift wrap sheet should be the perfect size to fit on top of the table.  The acrylic sheet will protect it!

    6. You have to cut small corners of your acrylic to make it fit snug on top of the table.  Just cut enough to make it fit right on top. My picture is zoomed in quite a bit.  Make sure you cut just the tip!

    7. Now place your gift wrap on the table top and your acrylic sheet on top of that and VOILA! You just made the coolest little table.  You can change out the gift wrap or display your kiddo's artwork under the acrylic piece too!  I live my seats white for now, but I'm thinking of painting gold polka dots on it.  The original hack had striped chairs and that looked great too!


    My daughter already making use of her new "flower" table. If you do this DIY, please share pictures with us on Insta or Twitter! We would love to see your take on it. 

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