• Signed, SEALED, Delivered

    Wax Seals have been used for centuries. They are timeless and incredibly versatile. They add a touch of personality and charm to everything from cupcakes to gift wrap to wedding invitations. The most common way to use a seal is on the back of an envelope, but we have gathered some of our favorite creative wax seal ideas to share with you. Take a look at the bottom of this post for an easy tutorial to make your snail mail shine.

    Here is a round up of some of our favorite wax seal ideas.

    Wax Seals in semi-sweet chocolate on top of cupcakes and petite fours. Now, that is a sweet idea!

    Use them on wedding place cards to add elegance, texture, and color. 

    Add them to gift wrapped boxes

    Make homemade gifts even more personalized like this seal stamped on a jam jar.

    Make your menu cards extraordinary.

    Seal confetti in vellum bags with a wax seal.

    Our wax and wax seals are so easy to use.  Here is an extremely simple tutorial to add a glue gun wax seal to your mail. You can find wax and wax seals on our website or in the shop.

    Make sure you use a glue gun that has not been previously used so that you do not get old glue residue in your wax seal.  The glue gun should have a low heat setting.  Otherwise, the wax will melt too quickly.

    Put a nickel size amount of wax overlapping on the flap and the envelope.

    Gently push your seal into the wax.

    TADA!! That is it.  With a technique so simple, all letters should have one of these classic adornments on it. 

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