• Sending Summer Love... Here are some ideas

    "More than kisses, letters mingle souls..." - John Donne

    If you have (or haven't) taken on our July challenge of sending a letter a day, you are probably wondering who you can write to for 31 days. We've compiled some ideas to help you get started. This is only a guide so feel free to do your own thing. Remember to take pictures of your daily letter writing and Instagram them with the hashtag #otsummerlove to be entered in our monthly drawing. Happy Writing and Connecting!

    Write to:

    - your significant other

    - your children

    - nieces and nephews

    - your parents

    - grandparents

    - your sibling

    - your college roommates

    - a new friend

    - an old friend

    - write back to someone who sent you a letter

    - send a thank you you've been meaning to send

    - congratulate someone

    - send a letter to a soldier

    - find someone on More Love Letters to write to

    - send a post card from wherever you are

    - send a letter internationally

    - write a politician

    - send a letter to your church leaders

    - send a letter to your favorite childhood teacher

    - write a letter to your future self

    - send a letter of encouragement to someone going through a difficult time

    - send an invitation to your kids and significant other to join you for a special meal together

    - place a note on the pillow of any of your family members

    - write a love note and fold it like you did in Middle School

    - the person you miss most

    - someone that changed your life

    - someone you want to give a second chance to

    - hand letter your favorite saying or poem and send it

    - drop off homemade cards to a local nursing home

    - send someone you live with a letter

    - start a letter chain

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